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Nively among the French national finalists of “Get in the ring”

lqKLQuQ1_400x400Nively was among the finalist of French GITR. Nively was within the finalists of French edition of “Get in the ring” (GITR) business competition. Get in the Ring (GITR) is one of the biggest startup competitions worldwide connecting startups to fans (investors, customers, talent, corporates, and more).

The final of the French edition was organised by CEEI and was held at Parc Phoenix in Nice.

Get in the Ring aims to challenge the status quo of pitching. The minds of the investors need to be triggered. For this reason, Get in the Ring changed the way people are pitching and has introduced a new unique pitching concept. Startups getting in the ring will battle it out, one on one, during five different rounds. Each round focuses on a relevant topic that all investors are interested in.

During the Investment Battle two startups will be pitching at the same time, called a battle. Every battle consists of five rounds and every round will focus on a different subject important for a business. Per round, entrepreneurs will have approximately 25 seconds to convince the champions, the jury, on each subject. After five rounds every participant will be asked questions by the jury (called the Champions). This will take 5 minutes per participant.

The rounds include:

  1. Team
  2. Achievements
  3. Business model & market
  4. Financials & investment proposition
  5. Freestyle

Below a few pictures of the event, with Giuseppe Conti (Nively’s CTO) defending Nively on the ring!



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