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Nively featured by the website of the incubator PACA East

paca-east-website-article-award-esncNively : déjà une reconnaissance européenne !

Nively is featured by the website of Incubator PACA EST.

“Their solution has been awarded the Label European Satellite Navigation Competition . “This label is a great recognition for the ambition Nively door of hospital managers to facilitate the management of their assets regardless of the complexity of indoor technologies ,” says its president, the Italian Giuliana Ucelli.

According to her, 30 % of the time a nurse is wasted looking for equipment. This is a significant opportunity, as hospitals and care centers run by over- purchasing policy. Specializing in indoor location , Nively has developed a multi-protocol solution for real time location, just like the outdoor navigation using GPS technology, to faciliatemanagement and maintenance of medical devices, while avoiding the additional costs.

Nively also benefited from the acceleration of the European Digital EIT device.”

The original article (in French) is available from the website of incubator PACA EST.

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