consumer grade Ambient assisted living Product family for OLder adult based on indoor LOcation technologies

(Grant agreement N. 739601)

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project 

Old people unable to afford formal care (e.g. nursing home), or not willing to, will live in a home no longer ensuring their safety, and will rely on fewer and increasingly strained family members.
In Europe, average age is set to increase from 40.4 yrs in 2008 to 47.9 yrs in 2060. By 2060, average life expectancy will increase by almost 8 yrs (from 76.7 to 84.6) and life expectancy at 65 will increase by more than 5 yrs, reaching 22.4 yrs for man and 25.6 yrs for women. Between 2013-2060 the share of elderly people (65+) will grow from 17.8% to 24.8%. Most remarkably, the number of very elderly people (i.e. aged 80+) will triplicate from 23.7 to 62.4 mill. Such a profound demographics change is calling for new care & assistance paradigms, since the current systems will be simply unsustainable.

The challenge is to maximise autonomy of old people, making them staying at home for as long as possible while respecting their dignity, yet ensuring highest safety standards during their activities of daily living. Further, the cost of formal care (e.g. nursing homes) in countries like France, Italy or Germany is extremely high (and expected to rise due to high demand), making products –such as MentorAge- designed to help people stay at home for longer, very attractive. The cost for a nursing home in France is quite high compared to the average pension, forcing families to cover the remaining costs. Despite the obvious difference from country to country, the shared common principle is that formal care is (and will be more) unsustainable, both in terms of cost and in terms of bed availability. Such an unaffordability creates a strong need for a solution for the “MentorAge for home”.

The objective of APOLLO is not only to re-engineer the existing product based on user-centric vision, but also to address key non-technical aspects necessary for a new version in the “silver economy” market.