Real-time location of asset and their maintenance

Recent figures indicate that, on average, 10-15% of portable medical equipment becomes “invisible”, i.e. it is stolen or lost every year within hospitals.

AssetTrace is a hardware-independent real time location technologies that allows delivering accurate control over the fixed and portable medical equipment (to monitor where it is located over time) and to analyse its maintenance state.

AssetTrace supports automatic scheduling of maintenance tasks across different maintenance teams. Operators can use AssetTrace from their mobile devices to be guided to the location of a device and be guided through the list of activities planned for the maintenance of that specific device.


By attaching real-time localisation tags to medical devices (e.g. infusion pumps), Nively’ AssetTrace can locate those pieces of equipment, infer usage patterns, derive indicators essential to assess their actual levels of use.

Tags are attached to portable devices


Consequences of increased number of portable devices

% of time spent by nurses to find devices
% of time spent by maintenance engineer
% of portable devices which are not found

Nurses, medical doctors, clinical engineers can use AssetTrace mobile or web client to see where each device is located.

As a result, asset management and maintenance activities can significantly benefit from increased operational capabilities.


  • Hospital managers, who need to improve use of resources (human & devices) through analysis of spatial distribution.
  • Medical doctors/nurses, who need to locate devices (e.g. in case of emergency).
  • Clinical engineers who manage and maintain medical appliances.


Immediate locate devices and identify over/under usage


  • Support for real-time location of people and devices
  • Support for multiple localisation technologies
  • Full certification of the maintenance history
  • Complete customisation of maintenance model
  • Centralised (rule-based) maintenance model
  • Asset management features
  • Integrated document management system
  • Integrated ticketing system
  • Support for location intelligence
The unit installed in a bedroom
The unit installed in a bedroom

AssetTrace interface


  • Complete traceability of operations
  • Reduction of “asset invisibility”.
  • Reduction of over-procurement.
  • Improved equipment inventories.
  • Improved asset tracking and management.
  • Maximisation of usage rate.
  • Possibility to define rental payment models based on real-time data.
  • Support for more informed contract negotiation
  • Lowering of costs
  • Reduce capital investments
  • Increased control
  • Increased safety
  • Staff safety and workflows optimisation
  • Increased patient safety
  • Increased quality of services
  • Increased quality activity time
  • Higher operational efficiency