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Location: Nice, France.

Junior software developer Web & Android

Immediate availability

We are looking for a young and talented developer to join our team to develop a web/mobile application in the e-health domain. The candidate will work at an innovative project and will be able to drive the development of a new product line.

Position for innovation associate in the domain of Ambient Assisted Living (with PhD) [CLOSED]

Available from 1 Sept. 2017

As innovation associate the candidate will be part of a new product development team which will design a new product for ambient assisted living. The main responsibilities will be, from a technical point of view, to coordinate design of a new product family by following a design centered paradigm including involvement of focus groups, design and mock-up of specific interfaces, overall design of the user experience and their test with real users.

In addition, the candidate will be involved in the strategic marketing activities of the new product line, starting from market analysis and segmentation, to definition of USP and pricing model, up to the full product launch.

For this reason, during the first months, the candidate will be engaged in a specific high-level training course on product and business related aspects from top business schools in France in order to acquire the background competences to help drive the product development process up to the launch.